I am a cat beginning my journey as a newbie translator~ Please take care of me!

This will be my first dive into translating, though I have considered doing it for a long time. I enjoy reading Asian web novels, especially historical romance. I discovered Asian web novels in April 2019 so I am relatively new to the scene. I’d love to hear about any recommendations you have!

I started translating to improve my Chinese, which I don’t get to use as often lately. My level is somewhere in the intermediate range. I mainly read what I can and look up words/phrases when I can’t recognize the character – which happens a lot!

That said, I will definitely make mistakes along the way. Please feel free to message me about any translation errors you find! I will happily correct them 🙂 I kindly appreciate any constructive feedback~

I want to just put this out there: I cannot guarantee regular translations because I am a student and I have a lot of health things to deal with IRL that will affect translation speed. Hopefully quality and speed will improve over time ^ ^ 

Disclaimer: I am doing this purely for my own learning and enjoyment of the Chinese language. I am not being paid for my translations. All rights go to their respective owners.

Happy reading! 



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